2290067832_a8d8fc5872_b.jpgGather your supplies. For those who have some double sided tape adhered to a window, you cannot use heat or you may risk cracking
the glass. You can not use any such thing too abrasive, or you will risk scratching the glass. Alternatively, you will need to
dissolve the tape using oil. Here's a listing of what you will need:Butter knife (It Is Also Possible to use your fingernail)
Rubbing LiquorAttempt to remove tape as far as feasible. Now you certainly can do it by picking at one of the corners along with
your fingernail. It is possible to even use a cookie or even pallet knife, but take care so that you do not scrape glass.Spray the
tape using window cleaner. If you do not need any window cleaner, you are able to make your own by mixing together 2 cups (275
milliliters) of plain water, 1/4 cup (60 milliliters) of vinegar, and a couple of drops of liquid soap. [3]Buff the soaked spot
using a sponge using smaller, circular movements. This may help dislodge some of the stuck-on deposit. If your sponge has two
sides (a side along with also an abrasive side) take to employing the scratchy side.Contemplate utilizing oil and also a
glass-safe scrubbing sponge. If the glass cleaner or vinegar alternative didn't get rid of the tape, you will need to saturate it
using a few cooking oil (for example, olive oil) or a cleaning oil (such as Goo Gone or Goof Away ). Spray on the oil on the
afflicted region and buff it with an sponge before there clearly was no longer residue.Clean the glass with some rubbing alcohol.
Soak a soft cloth with rubbing alcohol and rub on it till you've taken off all tape and oil residue.If there is still some tape
left, then buff it with a glass-safe scrubbing sponge soaked in oil, then clean it using rubbing alcohol. The rubbing oil may get
rid of the oil residue and vanish, leaving no marks.
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